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LSI School Locations in the Lonely Planets Best 10 cities to visit

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

It seems LSI really knows how to pick them when it comes to choosing the best locations for our language schools!  This year the Lonely Planet, the international best selling travel guide, features four of our home cities as fantastic places to visit, and of course to study. Paris topped the list at number one, whilst Zurich, Vancouver and Auckland also gained places in this prestigious top 10.

Paris has been praised for its push towards a greener approach to city life (less car traffic, more pedestrian and cycle ways, the creation of beautiful ‘floating gardens’) and for its renovation of beautiful old building such as the Marais mansion. According to the travel guide, ‘The world’s most beautiful city in now even more beautiful’. Paris
Zurich it seems has been chosen by the Lonely Planet, not for the beauty of its location next to Lake Geneva or the stylish architecture, but for the wonderful nightlife, fine dining and bijou cafes. In short, Zurich is the place to go to have fun and with the European Athletic Championships due to be held in August, it’ll be awash with fit young people wanting to experience all that Zurich has to offer.
According to the Lonely Planet, the beauty of the natural surroundings, the mountains, parks and sandy beaches are the top draw for Vancouver. The city itself is praised for the big city look but small town friendliness that it exudes. We’d certainly agree with the travel guide which says you can never be bored in Vancouver, there is simply so much to do : skiing, snowboarding, biking , swimming ….. Just don’t choose Vancouver for a rest !
Last but certainly not least comes Auckland. This hip capital city, the largest city in New Zealand , boasts a great arts and culinary scene and with an amazing coastal hinterland to explore it offers so much more than most large cities. Auckland’s revitalised waterfront districts such as Wynyard Quarter, offer trendy shopping experiences and great dining precincts. With a packed calendar of festivals and events it’s almost impossible not to visit and find something different and exciting to do!

Take a look at the Top 10 cities for 2014 according to the Lonely Planet.

LSI Auckland Students Witness Solar Eclipse

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Students at LSI Auckland were treated last month to one of nature’s most spectacular shows – a rare eclipse of the sun. From Auckland, there was 87% coverage of the sun by the moon; from Cairns it was 100% coverage. Some of our students took their own photos of this phenomenon – there won’t be another one for 18 years, so it was a very special experience for everyone who saw it!

New 10 day visa processing for students wishing to study in New Zealand

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Great news for any potential student wanting to study at LSI Auckland! The New Zealand government is intending to speed up the visa application process for international students wishing to study English . This could see a dramatic drop in processing time from the current average of 30 days down to just 10. From July onwards, students applying through one of the government endorsed agencies  will have their visa applications processed within just 10 working days. The government has launched this initiative in an attempt to boost the number of international students who study in New Zealand. Read more about this initiative and how to contact one of the endorsed agencies.

LSI Auckland student talks about his experiences of studying and living in New Zealand

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

On Wednesday 21st March Brazilian Picasso Fontenelle was invited by the mayor of  Auckland to make a speech  at the ‘International Student Welcome’ which was held at Auckland town hall. In his speech he outlined his own experiences and advice to all the new students at the event. Here is an excerpt from his speech.

Picasso Fononelle giving his speech at the International Student Welcome“I have been living here in Auckland since July last year, that’s about 8 months. In my country I am in my third year at university studying nutrition. I was born in a small town, called Camocim, and when I was fourteen years old I was sent by my parents from my hometown to live with my aunty and my uncle in Fortaleza, the capital of my state, a place with more opportunities and better schools.

Like Auckland, Fortaleza is a coastal city with harbours and bathed by the ocean. The difference between the two places is the weather. In Fortaleza we have a real sunny summer, in Auckland we have to be ready for the four seasons in one day. It’s not a bad thing for me, though. I actually found it refreshing to be in a place with such unpredictable days. After getting used to it, I discovered that is what makes New Zealand an untypical, magical and special place.

The crazy weather, the new school environment, the new food and the new people are all things that may scare overseas students, but they have all, in my case been pleasant surprises. Compared with Brazil, our diet is very unlike the diet here. We don’t eat things such as lamb and potatoes every day. It takes some adjusting to. I know. Never before had I seen someone who can eat a bag of potatoes per week. But stay open and you will see that every day the potato or whatever you eat will have a different flavour.

Of course you will have to process a lot of different reactions while you’re adjusting to a new culture and environment.  But take it day by day. Forget the distance between you and your home country. Use your imagination and you will realise that the strange food you are eating is not only “normal”, but it’s a piece of a new culture that is going into your mouth, becoming part of you.

I recommend you to get to know about the history of New Zealand. Ask your teachers about it. Get to know the European “kiwis” and Maori. Get to know about how these two distinct cultures made this unique country.

When I arrived here, my first impression wasn’t the best. My flight was delayed and instead of arriving at 7 o’clock in the morning in Auckland I arrived at midnight. Transfer was ok, friendly and brought me where it was supposed to. However, finding the homestay house was a problem – and midnight is not the best time to arrive in a stranger’s home. I felt a bit rude, but it wasn’t my fault. My homestay mother gave me a drink, showed me the house and my room and went to sleep. This made me think that I wouldn’t like the place and the people… but, I was completely wrong. Considering that we, Brazilians, are known as friendly and fun-loving people, something made me think that I wouldn’t find these qualities elsewhere. But with the time, I realised that there wasn’t a better place I could be. I discovered new things, new food, new culture, new people, the kiwi lifestyle, having fun… And unexpectedly, I got a mum, a dad, a brother and a sister (I’ve never had a brother and sister before!), aunties, uncles, cousins who now are part of my mind and my heart. People who will be hard to say goodbye to and whom I will never forget. What I got from them was a lot more that I could hope for. They are unique, awesome. Love, this is the word I can define what I feel for them. If you are lucky, you can get the same. There are lots of nice families with big open hearts.

So it’s people that have been the highlight of my trip, the great people I’ve met here. This includes friends. You might think that the friends you make here aren’t forever, mainly when this friend comes from another country far away from where you come from. But that’s not true. You will meet people here that will make a mark in your heart, people who you will rely on and who will make you suffer when you have to part. Because, to tell the truth, it’s impossible to say when will be the next time you are going to see each other again. That’s the tough part of the trip. Great when you make a bond with someone and deeply sad when you see him or her go. But that’s the life, that’s how it works.

For you who have just arrived, never allow yourself to feel bored. New Zealand is a country with a lot to see. Beautiful cities around with impressive scenery. Towns like Taupo, Coromandel and Paihia are must-see places to go. But even if you are only in Auckland, there is a lot to see as well. Entertainment, walking, places and good scenery you will find here. Enjoy your time. But if your purpose is merely to study, you will find it easy do so here. There is always someone who can help you with your difficulties in the language. Just look for someone and you will find help. Of course, nothing in life is easy. But difficulties are here to challenge and teach you, and you have to face them and win the “battle”, an everyday battle that in the end will make you a winner. There are no barriers between us. We are students from different countries who came to New Zealand to learn one language which can help us to communicate with each other. We are all humans, able to communicate independent of origin.

I would like to finish with one final piece of advice. No matter how basic your English is, if you want to say something, say it. Just try. Don’t be shy or afraid about saying something badly. You are here to learn and people will respect you for making the effort. Go ahead; there will be a time when you all will be able to understand each other in any situation. What makes us understand each other eventually is the human interaction that we can’t avoid. The language barrier is nothing compared to the things we can do. Be patient, take it easy and keep your mind clear. Everything comes in the right time. ”



LSI students and staff experience the magic of the 2011 Rugby World Cup first hand

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Recently New Zealand was fortunate enough to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Both LSI students and staff were able to enjoy the  excitement and wonderful party atmosphere that surrounds such a global sporting event. Some were even fortunate enough to have actually watched the games first hand in the stadium.  LSI Auckland assistant registrar Christine went to several games and gives her impression of the games and atmosphere.

“I had the opportunity to attend two world cup rugby matches on the same weekend and had a fantastic time. England played Scotland at Eden Park in Auckland on the Saturday night and the atmosphere there was fantastic. Eden Park was packed and wow, what a world class venue. Although I haven’t been to any ‘football’ matches, apparently this was what it was like. The rivalry between the two sides including fans resounded around the park. The rugby wasn’t the best I have seen and England were very lucky to win as Scotland seemed to dominate throughout the game.”

“On the Sunday afternoon I travelled to Hamilton, 1.5 hours south of Auckland to see the Fiji vs Wales game. I think all of Hamilton must have been there. Again a great atmosphere and it made me very proud of my country that we could host so many tourists and rugby fans. Again the rugby was not outstanding but I don’t think anyone was too worried. There were people dressed up in support of both teams and the Mexican wave went around the stands many times. What a fantastic event to have had in New Zealand!”

To top this amazing experience the New Zealand team, known as the ‘All Blacks’,  actually won the cup in front of their home crowd. It was certainly a day that most Kiwis will never forget!

Win a free 8 day ‘Study Break’ at LSI New Zealand

Monday, June 20th, 2011

‘Study in New Zealand’ have just announced their amazing ‘Win a Study Break’ competition which is open to all LSI New Zealand and any prospective LSI NZ students. All you need to do to enter is to visit their website and plan a virtual study trip around the NZ language schools (including LSI Auckland and LSI Christchurch in your itinerary of course!) inviting five of your friends back home to join you. The “Win the Ultimate Study Break” competition takes place in a virtual campervan, but the grand prize winner will have his or her friends flown down to NZ to travel around the country and visit educational institutions for real! Such an amazing prize so don’t miss out and make sure you enter before the closing date on July 1, 2011.

Latest Update on LSI Christchurch

Monday, March 7th, 2011

We are happy to report that most students from LSI Christchurch have already transferred up to LSI Auckland, and have settled into their new host families and classes. LSI Christchurch remains closed until further notice.

We strongly urge any remaining students to transfer to Auckland as soon as possible. Please note that our building is inside the Red Zone and therefore there is no Public Access to the building at this stage. If you have belongings inside LSI Christchurch please don’t worry – when we are allowed access, we will make sure that your belongings are retrieved and returned to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact LSI New Zealand – . For all students, please remember that the emergency number is 021644033. Thank you for your understanding. Our sincerest condolences go out to all those who have lost people in the quake, both New Zealanders and foreigners alike – Kia Kaha Christchurch.