At LSI Independent Sixth Form College we pride ourselves on the safety, happiness and well-being of our students. Student welfare is a fundamental part of our programme, which we recognise as being as important to our students’ development as the academic programme.

Starting a new school can be daunting, particularly when meeting pre-existing groups of friends. At LSI, the A level cohort will be joining us from other schools, state and independent schools as well as from schools abroad; so, everyone will be in the same situation, making it easier for everyone to find their feet and make new friends

On your first day at LSI, your appointed mentor and the school welfare officer will meet with you to introduce you to the other students, school staff and school welfare services. They will be on hand throughout your programme to offer support and advice. We also organise a regular and varied social programme for all students, ensuring that it is easy to get to know everyone else and make new friends.

Student Life

"Students' welfare, including health and safety, is excellent. There are comprehensive health and safety and welfare policies that are well-managed and effectively monitored for implementation." LSI Education ISI report 2016

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