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A place where you can find glorious galleries, world-class museums, gourmet restaurants, vibrant theatres, history and pageantry and non-stop entertainment.

Whether a first time visitor or someone who has visited the city many times before, there is always something new, something different; another area to explore or an exciting event to see. London's galleries and museums are unparalleled and some of them are free!

Dine in the gourmet restaurants, sit in the pavement cafes and watch the world go by, stroll in the parks, go clubbing until dawn.

London is the place to be!


Centuries of History and Art have left this city with a unique heritage in the world. Its streets and squares, palaces and churches in which Middle Ages and Renaissance alternate and blend harmoniously together are witness to a glorious past. While Florence carefully maintains its Renaissance architecture and culture, it is not locked in time; the city pulses with life from scurrying students in the university quarter to the businessmen who whiz by on Vespas. The rich artistic heritage, the numerous cultural events and beauty of the surroundings make Florence one of the world's most beautiful cities and a unique centre of attraction for visitors from all over the world.


Milan's pace of life is quicker than most Italian cities. Milan, the style capital of Italy, is an elegant city with its wide, tree-lined boulevards and graceful architecture. With nearly two million inhabitants, it is not only the economic, financial and banking capital of Italy but also brings to mind culture, La Scala, fashion, Italian design and technology. But above all Milan is a young city! There are many aspects of Milan, which make it a stimulating place: the dynamic nightlife, the characteristic atmosphere of the Navigli, the central streets with their shop windows, the fashion and the intense cultural life.


The cradle of Western civilisation, Rome's history stretches back over 2,500 years. Ancient and modern, past and present sit side by side in the "Eternal City" - from the ruins of the Colisseum to the artistic treasures of the Vatican Museums to its status as one of Europe's most important centres of fashion, media and industry, Rome is a simply breathtaking destination and an ideal place in which to learn Italian in Italy.


Did you know Italian is spoken in Switzerland? It's the 3rd language in the country and a whole "Canton" (state) of 300.000 inhabitants uses it as its main language. This Canton is called Ticino. Situated in the south of Switzerland, it borders Italy. Shaped like a triangle, its southern tip is just 30 minutes from the Italian fashion capital Milan. Hamish Henderson, the famous Scottish poet, songwriter, socialist, humanist, soldier, intellectual, and living contradiction (as he liked to call himself) used to call Ticino "Italy that works".

Lugano is set in an area of great natural beauty, on the lake that bears its name, surrounded by mountains. It's a town of about 50,000 people and being the third financial centre in Switzerland it has something to offer for everyone, with its elegant shops, restaurants and museums it is often the venue of art exhibitions of international import. A variety of sports are possible in the vicinity, for example ice-skating, climbing, canoeing, plus those sports traditionally associated with lakes such as windsurfing, water skiing etc. For winter sports, many ski resorts are close by, the nearest being only 30 min. away from Lugano.

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