Learn Russian in Latvia

Study Russian in Latvia and experience a warm welcome and a completely unique culture. Enjoy the country’s beautiful architecture, stunning countryside and fascinating history while you learn and live the language.

Our partner Russian school in Latvia is located in a classic Art Nouveau building in the heart of the capital city, Riga, close to the picturesque old town, the opera house and all the amenities of the city. The school is fully equipped with fantastic student facilities and all our teachers are friendly, welcoming and highly experienced.

The LSI social programme is designed to complement your Russian course in Latvia by allowing you to practise your language skills in real life situations while enjoying the very best of this fascinating country. Activities include walking tours of the old town, museum visits and trips to the seaside resort of Jurmala.

Learn Russian at LSI Riga

With a population of nearly 800,000 people, Riga is one of the largest cities in northern Europe. With the quaint beauty of the Old Town, the splendid architecture, the various stretches of parkland and the nearby beach resort of Jurmala, Riga provides something for everyone. In Riga, you will find a typical European city with many cosmopolitan shops. Morever Riga is an important centre of learning demonstrated by the many cultural events, international exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars that take place every year in this, Latvia's historic captial city. Here in Riga you can enjoy Russian culture, go to the Russian Theatre, enjoy Russian cuisine, visit the orthodox churches and, if you come in summer time, you can experience the many Russian festivals taking place in Jurmala. Riga provides the ideal environment to learn Russian. You can stay with Russian-speaking hosts and there are many newspapers and magazines, radio and TV channels, cinemas and theatres all in Russian.

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