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A place where you can find glorious galleries, world-class museums, gourmet restaurants, vibrant theatres, history and pageantry and non-stop entertainment.

Whether a first time visitor or someone who has visited the city many times before, there is always something new, something different; another area to explore or an exciting event to see. London's galleries and museums are unparalleled and some of them are free!

Dine in the gourmet restaurants, sit in the pavement cafes and watch the world go by, stroll in the parks, go clubbing until dawn.

London is the place to be!


With a population of nearly 800,000 people, Riga is one of the largest cities in northern Europe. With the quaint beauty of the Old Town, the splendid architecture, the various stretches of parkland and the nearby beach resort of Jurmala, Riga provides something for everyone. In Riga, you will find a typical European city with many cosmopolitan shops. Morever Riga is an important centre of learning demonstrated by the many cultural events, international exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars that take place every year in this, Latvia's historic captial city.

Here in Riga you can enjoy Russian culture, go to the Russian Theatre, enjoy Russian cuisine, visit the orthodox churches and, if you come in summer time, you can experience the many Russian festivals taking place in Jurmala. Riga provides the ideal environment to learn Russian. You can stay with Russian-speaking hosts and there are many newspapers and magazines, radio and TV channels, cinemas and theatres all in Russian.


Why not learn Russian in Moscow? Moscow is the capital of Russia and it is a beautiful and dynamic city. It has been described as the political, scientific, historical, architectural and business centre of the country. There are many theatres, exhibitions, restaurants, bars and clubs in the city centre close to the school location.

Moscow - Belorusskaya

Moscow today is the political and economic capital of Rus- sia. With over 12 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Europe. Moscow is the New York of Russia, a city that never sleeps and where everything is possible. It is the melting pot of a collapsed empire, a mix of European and Asian.

Skyscrapers sprout up from the ground, the city centre is being ruthlessly renovated and new temples of consumerism open their doors daily. But there is another Moscow, away from Garden Ring and the Kremlin. Cosy cafes, narrow alleys, hidden artistsʼ studios and idyllic parks are as much a part of the cityscape as the gigantic wedding-cake buildings of Stalinʼs era, expensive fashion stores and fast-food chains. Moscow is a monster, but a lovable monster that is always worth visiting .

St Petersburg

Built on 42 islands of the Neva delta, with more than 500 bridges and countless canals, the beauty of St. Petersburg lies in the unique harmony of its architecture - baroque, classicist, eclectic and art nouveau - all magnificently enhanced by the ever present water. No other city in the world possesses an intact historic city centre on the scale of St. Petersburg. And no city strives more to hold on to its priceless inheritance.

The city is as interesting by night as it is by day. New restaurants and clubs open every week. Russians like to celebrate and frequently do so into the early hours. Restaurants often close around 2am and clubs tend to stay open as late as 6am.

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