St Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. Grand architecture, splendid imperial parks and some of the best museums in the world make St Petersburg among the most beautiful and dynamic places to learn Russian in Russia.

Our LSI partner school is located in a lovely residential neighbourhood just 15 minutes from downtown St Petersburg. The school itself is situated in a large commercial building that includes a shopping mall, cafes and other entertainment facilities, and is close to Komendantskiy Prospekt metro station. The language school features 18 bright, modern classrooms and free internet access for your convenience while you study Russian. Whether you choose a one-to-one Russian course or one of our more general Russian courses, you will benefit from our fantastic location and our friendly and welcoming staff.

St Petersburg is a goldmine of cultural and entertainment possibilities – from the Hermitage Museum to Dostoyevsky\s house to the many spectacular churches, there is something for everyone in this jewel of a city.