A Level results

Congratulations to our students on their success in achieving the following grades:
A*- 26%
A*- A - 60%
A*-B - 85%
in their Summer 2021 examinations.

2021 University Destinations So Far

  • Cambridge, Medicine (Deferred)
  • Bristol, Dentistry
  • UCL, Psychology & Language Sciences
  • UCL, Biochemistry
  • KCL, Political Economy
  • KCL, Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Bath, Economics
  • Leeds, Business Management
  • Nottingham, Politics and International Relations
  • Nottingham, Finance, Accounting & Management
  • Boston College (USA), Economics
  • Sussex, Marketing & Management
  • Loughborough, Automotive Engineering
  • Westminster, Business Management
  • University of Law, Law
  • University of Law, Law with Criminology
  • Kingston, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences

LSI Independent College
Outstanding A level tuition in Hampstead

At LSI, we are dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches his or her full potential, both academically and personally. Our focus is on helping each student to achieve the best possible A level results while providing a learning environment which is nurturing and supportive. Building the self-confidence and sense of well-being in each and every one of our students is a fundamental part of our mission. This ethos feeds back into successful applications to universities and success in the wider employment world, where confidence is crucial.

From enrolment through to graduation and university admission, we are dedicated to your personal development, providing support and advice to help you plan for a bright future. On our campus in north London's leafy borough of Hampstead, we will help you achieve your best possible A level results through intensive structured teaching in small classes, knowledgeable and committed teachers, regular progress testing and individual study plans. In addition, we monitor and support each student through one-to-one tutorials and supervised self-study programmes.

University Destinations 2020

Congratulations to our A Level students on their excellent results and for securing places at top universities. Thanks are also of course due to their excellent and dedicated teachers.

So far our university destinations include:

  • Medicine, Queen Mary
  • Medicine, Sunderland
  • Medicine, Sunderland
  • Medicine, Keele
  • Biomedical Sciences, Leeds
  • Biomedical and Molecular Medicine, Nottingham
  • Biomedical Sciences, Queen Mary
  • Biomedical Engineering, Middlesex
  • Anthropology, Durham
  • Bristol, Law
  • Law, City University
  • Criminology and Sociology, Royal Holloway
  • Queen Mary, International Relations
  • Queen Mary, Politics with Business Management
  • Creative Computing, University of the Arts
  • Textile Design, Leeds
  • Fashion, Ravensbourne

2021 University Offers

  • Kingston – Pharmacy
  • Cambridge – Medicine
  • Warwick – Medicine
  • Loughborough – Maths with Economics
  • Queen Mary – Actuarial Science
  • Durham – Philosophy and Politics
  • Bristol – International Business Management
  • Leeds University – Environment and Business
  • Loughborough – Sports Management
  • Leeds – Computer Science
  • Loughborough – Computer Science
  • Nottingham – Computer Science
  • Queen Mary – Computer Science
  • Birmingham – Business Management with Marketing
  • Sussex – Business Management and Economics
  • Sussex – Marketing and Management
  • Kings London – Biochemistry
  • UCL – Biochemistry
  • Queen Mary – Biochemistry
  • Bristol – Dentistry
  • Kings London – Biomedical Science
  • Queen Mary – Biomedical Science
  • Sheffield – Dental Surgery
  • Bath – Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Bristol – Engineering Mathematics
  • Imperial – Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • St George’s – Biomedical Science
  • Queen Mary – Theoretical Physics
  • Royal Holloway – Theoretical Physics
  • Brunel – Automotive Engineering
  • Loughborough – Automotive Engineering
  • Warwick – Automotive Engineering
  • Warwick – Engineering Business Management
  • South Bank – Business Management
  • Westminster – Business Management
  • Birkbeck – Law
  • Goldsmith’s – Law
  • University of Law – Law
  • Middlesex – Law
  • Kings London – Political Economy
  • Queen Mary – Politics
  • Nottingham – Finance, Accounting and Management
  • Southampton – Accounting and Finance
  • Sheffield – Accounting and Financial Management
  • City University – Law
  • University of Law – Law with Criminal Justice
  • Greenwich – Law
  • Royal Holloway Law with Criminology
  • St Mary’s – Law with Criminology

Accreditation & Oversight


Ofsted Inspection Highlights

  • Students appreciate the small class sizes and the personal attention they receive.
  • They value their teachers’ dedication in helping each of them achieve their best.
  • Students’ behaviour is excellent, and they work with diligence.
  • Students cherish meeting with peers from around the globe.
  • In all disciplines, teachers have very strong subject expertise and teaching experience.
  • Students gain new knowledge and deepen their understanding well.
  • Teachers make sure that students have many opportunities to revise their previous learning.
  • Students are unwavering in their determination to succeed.
  • Staff morale is high.

Student Life


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University Placements in 2019-20

LSI’s UCAS co-ordinator helped students secure offers at the following universities:

  • Bath: Computing
  • Bradford: Engineering
  • Bristol: Ancient History
  • Bristol UWE: Sociology and Psychology
  • Essex: Computing
  • Goldsmith’s: Psychology
  • Leeds: Chemistry, Medicine
  • Manchester: Computer Science
  • Middlesex: Fashion Design
  • Nottingham: Economics
  • Palermo: Medicine
  • Roehampton: Biomedical Sciences
  • Royal Holloway: Law, Psychology
  • St George’s: Medicine
  • UCL: Russian and History
  • Westminster: Law, Planning and Architecture

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