LSI Independent Sixth Form College provides high quality, fully accredited, A-level and university preparation programmes. We prepare students from all over the world to gain entry into some of the UK’s most prestigious universities. Over the last 50 years, our institution and our academic staff have garnered first class reputations in the education community, through our long-standing commitment to our students’ academic success and personal development.

Our Teaching Methodology

At the heart of our academic programme is engaging and dynamic teaching that motivates and challenges our students. Our teaching methodology is based around interactive classes where each student is an active participant. Our small class sizes, generally no larger than 8 students, engenders full participation, ensuring students not only engage, but actively contribute to programme development.

At LSI Independent Sixth Form College we believe that excellent teaching involves not just the delivery of key knowledge and skills but the ability to engender a shared passion for the subject. Our teachers encourage critical thinking, questioning and debate. They expect students to challenge and offer alternative points of view. Our teachers create an environment in which students are curious and motivated, so that our students can build on the A level syllabus and can become independent learners; with the desire to think for oneself, the ability to select information and the confidence to construct an informed argument. We believe this is fundamental, both to the student’s success at the A-level examinations, but also to their wider success at university and in the work place.

Progress Tracking

Students receive feedback on a daily basis from their class teachers. In addition, every student is supervised by the Directors of Studies, who review their progress through meetings with their class teachers and evaluation of test and assignment scores. Teachers regularly write grade predictions and progress reports, which are discussed with the student before being sent on to parents. The Directors of Studies meet each student regularly to discuss their progress in scheduled tutorials.

Parents are kept fully informed of progress in regular correspondence with the Directors of Studies and are warmly encouraged to contact us at any time. We view parents’ participation as fundamental and we welcome an ongoing dialogue. In cases where we identify issues, parents will be informed immediately and we will work together to provide support and resolution.

Accreditation and Membership

Extracts from our ISI Inspection report

'The college is highly effective in ensuring that it meets its aim of providing a learning environment which is nurturing and supportive'

'Relationships between staff and students are excellent '

'Students' welfare, including health and safety, is excellent.'

'Teachers have excellent subject knowledge, are enthusiastic and motivate their students to enjoy and engage with their learning. '

'The progress of each student is carefully tracked, allowing teachers and students to monitor progress effectively '

'Feedback to students is positive, encouraging and clearly identifies areas for improvement. '

'The provision for students who are assessed as needing English language support are excellent'

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