LSI Independent College is accredited by Ofsted. Our latest inspection report can be found here Download

All LSI schools are accredited by local and national agencies and are members of industry organisations. LSI Independent Sixth Form College is accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Accreditation UK and is a Tier 4 Sponsor.

Accreditation and Membership

Extracts from our ISI Inspection report

'The college is highly effective in ensuring that it meets its aim of providing a learning environment which is nurturing and supportive'

'Relationships between staff and students are excellent '

'Students' welfare, including health and safety, is excellent.'

'Teachers have excellent subject knowledge, are enthusiastic and motivate their students to enjoy and engage with their learning. '

'The progress of each student is carefully tracked, allowing teachers and students to monitor progress effectively '

'Feedback to students is positive, encouraging and clearly identifies areas for improvement. '

'The provision for students who are assessed as needing English language support are excellent'

Read the 2019 ISI Report

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