San José / Coronado

The green and sunny town of Coronado is located just 10 kilometres northeast of the centre of the capital, San José, on the outskirts of a nature reserve. Coronado is a lively town with an active community life and is also a preferred residential area for many citizens of San José. Situated at the foot of a mountain, the town offers an amazing view across the Central Valley. Attractions include a beautiful gothic church, and the sandy beaches of the Pacific coast are just two hours car drive away.

LSI London Central

A place where you can find glorious galleries, world-class museums, gourmet restaurants, vibrant theatres, history and pageantry and non-stop entertainment.

Whether a first time visitor or someone who has visited the city many times before, there is always something new, something different; another area to explore or an exciting event to see. London's galleries and museums are unparalleled and some of them are free!

Dine in the gourmet restaurants, sit in the pavement cafes and watch the world go by, stroll in the parks, go clubbing until dawn.

London is the place to be!

Playa Del Carmen

The beautiful town of Playa del Carmen attracts people from all over the world with its unequalled charm and beautiful white sand beaches. Located in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen offers its visitors a perfect combination of rich cultural experiences and the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. Whether one likes visiting the surrounding attractions, like the colonial city of Merida and the mystic Mayan archeological sites of Tulum or Chichen Itza, or simply relaxing under a palm tree enjoying the breeze, Playa del Carmen is truly a piece of paradise.

Panama City

Few cities in Latin America can match the diversity of Panama City, with historic colonial architecture contrasting with the many modern skyscrapers. With its unique position on the world trade routes this thriving commercial city has attracted immigrants from around the world resulting in a multi-cultural melting pot. This cosmopolitan city has much to offer the visitor in terms of entertainment both during the day and at night.


A tranquil and yet lively city, Alicante is sure to captivate you with its rich history and stunning beaches. You’ll enjoy the same gentle sea breeze as the Ancient Romans, the Moors and the Christians who, after 500 years of Arabic rule, finally re-conquered this enchanting city in the 13th century. Why not come and celebrate the Hogueras de San Juan and watch the world famous fireworks display?


Barcelona is an extremely cosmopolitan city by the Mediterranean Sea. It is the heart of the autonomous region of Cataluña, one of the richest and more modern areas of Spain. The city is full of places of interest such as: "El Barrio Gótico", "Las Ramblas", "La Plaza de Catalunya", "The Olympic port", "Picasso Museum" and the "Miró Foundation". Anyone who visits Barcelona will be able to admire the work of the world-famous architect Antonio Gaudí like "Güell Park", "La Pedrera" and "La Sagrada Familia". The visitor will also see the white beaches, which make Barcelona one of the most visited cities in Spain.


At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is the Spanish city with the most evident traces of the Moor Empire. The Alhambra, the Albaicin, the gypsies' quarter and the Sacromonte all bear witness to a lively past. And the present is just as exciting: as a language student you will find the various tapas bars, discos and other fiestas attended by the town university students the perfect place to practise your Spanish.


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, a business centre, and one of the cultural capitals of the world. The city is characterized by intense cultural and artistic activity and a very lively nightlife. Night owls will find Madrid a paradise every night of the week, and many of the restaurants, terrace bars and night clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning. Attractions include glorious gardens, museums and galleries and fine architecture, both modern and traditional. The historical cities of Salamanca, Segovia and Toledo are all within easy reach.


LocMalaga, located on the southern coast of Spain, is home to the second largest Mediterranean port and enjoys average yearly temperatures of 23ºC (73ºF). It’s a small city with a population of about 600,000, which creates a friendly, warm environment to learn Spanish.


This city is one of the most exclusive summer resorts in Europe, an old, typical Andalusian town that still preserves its character. It is also close to major cities and legendary cultural centres. Marbella has a typical Andalusian flavour. The city is famous for its lovely beaches and blue sea, countless golf courses - it is possible to play golf every day and even at night in the first European illuminated golf course - world-renowned yacht harbours, beautiful landscapes, luxury hotels and shopping centres and vibrant nightlife. The average temperature all year long is 24 degrees Celsius and the sun shines around 320 days a year.


Also known as the "Golden city", Salamanca has been the protagonist of Spain's most significant historical events. It is located in the mid west of Spain. Its talkative and kind people speak Castilian, the purest Spanish, which makes this city very popular to learn our language. Salamanca has been recently named the European Cultural Capital in 2002 sharing this honour with Bruges. Salamanca owns the world's second oldest university (1215 AD). Students represent 30% of the population; this adds emotion and colour to its daily rhythm. Although it is a small city, it offers all the qualities of being a big town (friendly atmosphere and a surprising and exciting nightlife). Salamanca is a must!


If you want to get to know the folkloric heart of Spain - the scent of orange trees, the click-clack of flamenco shoes, brightly dressed women in polkadots and the warmth of the Andalusian sun - Seville is a must. Discover the sumptuous cuisine, a vibrant tapas culture, a lively nightlife, the most authentic flamenco performances in Spain and much, much more in the beautiful capital of Andalusia.


Valencia is the country's third biggest city and one of the most dynamic in Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and you will find beaches, a boiling nightlife, together with a wide cultural programme. The historic heart of Valencia is very beautiful and still very Spanish - almost untouched by mass tourism. The city is home to the futuristic Arts and Science Centre which is fast becoming one of Spain's top visitor attractions.

LSI Zurich

Situated on a lake with a beautiful view of the Swiss alps, Zurich is Switzerland's largest city and Switzerland's key financial, cultural and educational center. The picturesque old city with cobbled streets flanked by town houses, ancient churches, boutiques and street cafés contrasts with the modern architecture of the financial district. With its cinemas, theaters, the world famous opera house, the university and the internationally recognised ETH, museums and galleries, Zurich with its beautiful surroundings has something to offer for every taste. Relaxing piano bars, and lounges as well as nightclubs playing music styles ranging from Hip-Hop and House to Jazz and traditional Swiss folk music can be found throughout the city.

One of the world's most developed public transport systems affords easy access to the surrounding villages, vineyards, mountains and beyond. From here you can go hiking, mountain-biking, swimming in summer or skiing in winter. Further afield, the cities of Basel, Berne and Lucerne can be reached within an hour by train. Geneva and Lausanne, at three hours, takes a little longer but the extra time spent is rewarded by the spectacular views along the way. Situated in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is an ideal base from which to visit the surrounding countries of Austria, France, Germany and Italy.