Accommodation at LSI London Hampstead

Homestay for ages 12-17

Our homestay families are carefull selected, monitored and visited regularly by our Accommodation Officer. Homestays offer students the opportunity to learn more about British culture while they study English. Under-16s may be placed with students who speak the same language as them so they can travel to and from school together more easily and feel more at home. Please note that in accordance with UK law, 12-15 year olds can only stay in a homestay for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Facilities include:

Accommodation for ages 7–11 years

For our younger juniors, we can point you in the direction of accommodation options.

Travelling between accommodation and school

On arrival in London, we suggest that the student books an LSI taxi to ensure their safe transfer to their accommodation.

Our homestays are an easy commute from the school. Between 2 and 4 students will be placed in each of our families so that they can travel together. On their first day, their family will give them full information on how to reach the school.

Please note that (particularly with younger and/or low level students) we may, where appropriate, place students of the same nationality in one homestay. At school and during leisure activities, they will be in a strictly English only environment, but it is our experience that younger students or those who have little experience of being away from home, adapt more easily to life in London if they have someone they are able to communicate with fully. This helps them relax, which in turn reduces the likelihood of homesickness and increases their enjoyment and concentration in the classroom.

Student Welfare

To ensure student welfare there is a 9.00pm curfew, unless students are on a supervised LSI activity or their parents have specified a different time.  Valuables such as passports and airline tickets may be left with the Centre Manager on the student's first morning, to be kept securely locked in the school. Phone cards are available for purchase at the school for discounted international phone calls. Public transport costs are not included in the course fees. We advise students to buy an Oyster card.

Medical insurance is included in the price. Details will be sent along with accommodation confirmation upon receipt of full payment and granting of any necessary visas.