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밴쿠버는 휘황찬란한 현대적인 도시이며 울창한 산 및 숲과 태평양 사이에 자리잡고 있습니다. 따라서 캐나다에서 영어 배우기를 원하는 사람에게는 굉장히 매력적인 도시입니다.

저희 랭귀지 스쿨은 밴쿠버 시내 한가운데에 있으며 모든 주요 명소와 대중 교통 수단이 걸어서 갈 수 있는 거리 안에 있습니다. 인터넷 접속을 제공하는 컴퓨터 랩, 자습 자료 도서관, 학생 라운지와 같은 시설을 갖춘 LSI 밴쿠버는 영어 공부를 하기에 편하고 좋은 환경을 제공합니다. TOEFL 시험 준비 코스와 케임브리지 시험(CAE) 준비 코스뿐 아니라 더 일반적인 ESL 프로그램을 제공합니다.

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LSI 밴쿠버

2nd Floor, 806 Homer Street,

Vancouver V6B 2W5

+1 604 683 7654


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Best place to learn English and have fun!

Romain Storaï

LSI is not only a school, its a place where we felt completely safe, where we made friends for the rest of our lives, where we find support, kindness, and the best professionals who will look after you forever! LSI its a FAMILY and I am proud to say that I am part of this amazing community! They have the best professionals, who give us everything we need to became fluent and secure with the language, and to keep improving after our time there. In my experience in Vancouver I had Kevin as director, hes the best! Hes an amazing professional who gave me the support that I needed with Linda ( my teacher, who I consider my Canadian mother) to became a Cambridge student and have success in my professional life! After two years that Ive been there, Kevin and Sallie , from LSI in London were extremely kind and professional to help me solving a problem and I can say that I became even more fan of LSI than I was before( if it was possible)They showed a genuine concern for their students, a magnificent teamwork, impeccable professionalism and organisation beside all the kindness they had with me. I not only extremely recommend, I must to say: LSI is THE BEST school, with the best professionals I have ever met!Thank you very much for everything Kevin, Linda, Sallie... LSI team youre an example to be followed as professionals and human beings!You have my admiration forever

Camilla Camargo Andrade Andries

Its a very school.

Jerson Bucio



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