LSI Homestays in بوسطن

LSI Boston’s homestays are located throughout Boston and the surrounding area. Our hosts come from many different backgrounds, representing the true diversity of the USA. We have several hosts who were born in other countries and who speak another language in addition to English. Some of our hosts work, while some are retired. Some hosts have children who live at home.

We currently have several hosts in the Dorchester area, and a few in the Malden and Winthrop areas. We are currently trying to recruit homestays in other parts of the city as well, especially homes that are close to the school and that have a short commute time. Having a private bathroom for student's use is also a plus!

Additional requirements for Host Families in Boston

  • All of our homestays must be accessible by public transportation (the bus or the T) with a commute time of less than an hour from home to school
  • Host families must have Wi-Fi and allow free access to students
  • Homestays must be in a safe neighborhood
  • English must be the primary language spoken in the home

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