Englisch lernen in Australien

Wenn Sie grossartiges Wetter und einen relaxten Lebensstil suchen und die Vorteile einer Stadt mit dem Strandleben verknüpfen möchten, dann ist Australien der ideale Ort für Sie um Englisch zu lernen.

Unsere Sprachschule in Australien befindet sich zentral in der grössten Stadt in Queensland – Brisbane, ein freundlicher, sonniger und kosmopolitischer Ort, der Ihnen die Kultur und die Freizeitmöglichkeiten einer internationalen Stadt bietet und nur eine Stunde von atemberaubenden Stränden entfernt ist. LSIs Sprachzentrum verfügt über hervorragende Räumlichkeiten, sowie über sehr erfahrende, freundliche Lehrpersonen und Mitarbeiter, die Sie tatkräftig unterstützen, ob Sie nun einen Prüfungskurs oder einen allgemeineren Sprachkurs besuchen.

LSI Brisbane bietet ein im Preis inbegriffenes Freizeitprogramm an, an dem alle Kursteilehmer teilnehmen können und somit ihren Englischkurs in Australien mit den besten Erlebnissen ergänzen können. Dadurch kommen Sie während Ihrem Sprachaufenthalt in diesem wunderschönen Land voll auf Ihre Kosten und erleben Picknicks, Galerie- und Museumsbesuche und Sportanlässe am Strand.

Yeonjin Ro,  Korea
“Ich hatte eine wunderbare Zeit bei LSI Brisbane. Der Unterricht hat so viel Spaß gemacht, dass ich nicht...”
Yeonjin Ro, Korea

Top 5 reasons to study English in Australia:

Beautiful beaches

Australia is particularly known for its thousands of beautiful sandy beaches. All of the nation’s major cities are located on the coast, and the majority of Australians live within 50 kilometers of the sea. One of the most famous beaches is Bondi Beach in Sydney, which is also one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Here you can take surfing lessons from an accredited surf school or simply spend the day relaxing on the beach and enjoying a meal at one of the many famous restaurants and cafés near the beach. In Brisbane, shimmering beaches with soft waves provide an ideal location for novices wanting to learn how to surf or body board. You can also discover the aquatic life during a snorkeling or scuba diving excursion, which is particularly popular around the Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest coral reef systems.

Exotic wildlife

Another claim to fame that Australia holds is its exotic wildlife. One of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, Australia is home to many unique and fascinating animals, such as the koala, the quokka, the kangaroo and the wombat. Hundreds of species of birds are also native to the Australian territories, such as emus, parrots, and the famous kookaburra which imitates human laughter. These animals can be seen in sanctuaries as well as in national parks and other natural habitats. Australia is also known for the great diversity of fish and reptiles that are found in its waters, including gentle manta rays, enormous sea turtles and fearsome crocodiles. Get up close and personal with some of these creatures by snorkeling or diving at some of the best sites in Australia. Or keep your distance while observing great white sharks and giant saltwater crocodiles from the safety of a boat on a guided tour.

Cultural diversity

Studying abroad in Australia also means that you will be immersed in a different culture with customs that may be quite different from your own. However, Australia is a very welcoming and culturally diverse country, and immigrants make up a significant percentage of the country’s population. This allows international students to not only discover Australian culture but also to meet people from many other countries. In Australia, you will find influences from all around the world, including Europe and Asia as well as the Aboriginal societies of Australia. Step outside of your comfort zone by discovering diverse cuisines and cultural practices. While you are studying English, you will also gain a wealth of worldly knowledge that will allow you to develop your intercultural communications skills. These skills can be particularly useful to those who would like to work for an international company.

Friendly people

Australians, affectionately known as Aussies, are well known for their relaxed lifestyle and friendly attitude. Australians are generally quite sociable and outgoing, and you will likely hear people calling you ‘mate’, which is a popular way of referring to someone as a friend. Informal language in typical in Australia, and it is very common for people to create abbreviations for many words, such as ‘barbie’ for barbecue and ‘cuppa’ for cup of tea. This type of language is used to express friendliness and informality with others. Australians tend to enjoy their leisure time by having a drink with friends and doing outdoor activities like water sports. You may also be surprised to see locals going barefoot even inside the shops – just another aspect of the relaxed lifestyle.

Quality of life

Another reason to choose Australia for your study abroad experience is the exceptional quality of life and overall happiness level that its residents enjoy. Australia has many beautiful, world-class cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Australian cities are generally very clean and safe. It is also easy to explore the cities via public transportation, which is particularly convenient for international students who do not plan to drive during their stay. Many of Australia’s cities rank among the world’s top destinations for international students due to the many opportunities for entertainment, the wide range of educational programs and the work opportunities that students can choose from. Although prices in Australia can seem high, salaries are also higher than the average in many developed countries, and employment rates are generally high, providing a comfortable lifestyle for the majority of Australians. With its high standard of living, excellent climate and stunning beaches, it is not hard to see why Australia ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world.

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Sprachschule (LSI)

Die Hauptstadt des australischen „Sunshine State“ Queensland ist Brisbane und ist bekannt dafür die lebenswerteste Stadt Australiens zu sein. Sie liegt am Brisbane River, hat das ganze Jahr ein wunderbar mildes Klima und besitzt viele Attraktionen, wie den wunderschönen Stränden und dem nur eine Stunde entfernten Regenwald. Auch die weitläufigen Parks Weiterlesen

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Teacher Homestay

Live and study in your private teacher's home in Australia. Language lessons and cultural excursions.
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4.6 von 5

I had only two weeks time to join this school. Despite of it this time helped me to refresh my English language. The teachers are very good and helpful and the school was well managed. I felt very comfortable and familiar there.

Steffi Berth , Brisbane

m(_ _)m

Yumiko Toraiwa , Brisbane

Hello!! This year, in January I have a great experience for four weeks in LSI Brisbane!! Great teachers help me with improve my English. The school went as a family for me!!

Agnaildo Arcanjo Santos , Brisbane

Hello everyone! :) 6 years ago I was one of the students at LSI Brisbane, and I gotta say that it was such a great experience in my life! The staff were so helpful and kind (remember that I couldn't speak a word in English, such a hard job for them) they really made me feel like I was at the right place, the atmosphere was amazing, I met some of my best friends there, I was really living a dream! I've never had the opportunity to say thank to some people that helped me along the way and made my days easier while studying there ( I don't even know if they are still working there), David, Sandy, Chris and the whole LSI crew, thank you so much! After studying there I decided to stay a bit longer in Australia, and guess what, met my wife there, a beautiful Australian woman, and thank to you LSI I was able to speak to her and even more, I convinced her to marry me and today we are living in Brasil and waiting for our first baby. I will stop here, but really the whole point of this review was to say a huge thank to you guys, keep doing it right. Love you all!

AD Felix , Brisbane