studiare Francese in Francia

Se si vuole comprendere e vivere a pieno la lingua francese, non c'è modo migliore di farlo che studiare il francese in Francia. Immergetevi nello stile di vita francese, dai café ai numerosi musei di fama mondiale e le gallerie d'arte, sperimentando le varie ricchezze che la Francia ha da offrire ad uno studente internazionale.

In Francia la nostra scuola di lingua LSI ha una posizione invidiabile in quanto è situata nel centro storico della città, a pochi passi da Notre Dame, il Centre Pompidou e i distretti Marias e Les Halles bohemien. La scuola stessa si trova al primo piano di un imponente edificio storico che è vicino a varie stazioni della metropolitana ed offre agli studenti servizi eccellenti insieme ad un personale cordiale, amichevole e qualificato.

LSI Parigi offre a tutti i suoi studenti un programma di attività sociali vario ed emozionante che si integra perfettamente col vostro corso di francese in Francia, dando accesso a tutto il meglio che Parigi e il resto della Francia hanno da offrire. Le attività variano dalle degustazioni di vino e formaggio ai concerti, i teatri, le gite ed i  viaggi organizzati di fine settimana ai castelli della Loira.


Agustine Liyanti, studentessa di moda, Indonesia
“Lo staff della scuola è molto attento e cordiale. Fanno di tutto per dare il meglio agli studenti. Gli...”
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Agustine Liyanti, studentessa di moda, Indonesia

Top 5 reasons to study French in France

Cultural influence

France is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and has played an important role in the development of Western culture. It is home to numerous cultural and historical sites, including architectural works, natural landscapes and prehistoric art sites. Due to its important achievements in media and art, France is a hotspot for artists and art-lovers around the world. Museums such as the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles attract millions of visitors each year. Many of the world’s most famous works of art are on permanent display in France, including paintings like the Mona Lisa and sculptures like the Venus de Milo. You can also enjoy art on the streets in the form of urban murals, and you will commonly encounter buskers such as musicians and dancers performing for the public on the sidewalks and in subway stations. And of course, France is also well-known for its cuisine, including many iconic dishes, pastries and wines. While you are studying in France, you will be able to discover for yourself why French cuisine is considered to be some of the best in the world. You may choose to take a cooking course to learn the art of French pastry-making or join a wine-tasting event to learn about the various flavours, aromas and textures of wine.

Beautiful country

France is a beautiful country filled with diverse landscapes such as snow-capped mountains, rolling hills and shimmering coastlines. The south of France is popular among tourists who flock to the Mediterranean for warm weather and beautiful beaches. In the southeastern region of Provence, purple fields of lavender stretch as far as the eye can see. All over France, the countryside is dotted with medieval villages and castles which once served as residences for nobility or points of defense against invaders. The large metropolitan cities of France also maintain an old-world charm with beautiful examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture.

Student life

France is an exciting and vibrant place for international students, and it attracts hundreds of thousands of students from around the world. In this way, it offers an exceptional multicultural experience. There are many options for entertainment in France and especially in Paris. The Latin Quarter, which is particularly popular among college students, is home to a number of French universities such as the Sorbonne. This area offers a large number of bars, pubs and cabarets for those on a budget, in addition to more intellectual pursuits including museums and famous bookstores. Students also enjoy significant discounts on admission to museums, national monuments and entertainment venues like theatres and cinemas.

Many options for higher education

Some people who study French in France also go on to pursue higher education in one of France’s many internationally acclaimed universities. There are many options for international students in France, and tuition is often considerably less than it is in other countries. Among the most popular fields chosen by international students are business and economics, hospitality and tourism, and fashion or other fine arts. Foreign students are usually allowed to work part-time while pursuing their studies in France, and this can provide valuable opportunities to further develop your French language skills.

Immersive experience

When you study French in France, you will be fully immersed in the language on a daily basis. As you navigate the city and interact with locals, you will be required to use what you have learned in the classroom. You will be able to practice essential communications skills in the real world and in the proper context. This will allow you to deepen your understanding of the language beyond what can be learned in books. You will also be able to form new friendships with both locals and other international students. In this way, you will be able to keep practicing what you have learned and maintain your motivation even after your finish you study abroad experience.

Le nostre scuole


Scuola di lingue (LSI)

Parigi, la romantica capitale della Francia, è da oltre 1000 anni il centro politico ed economico del paese. La città offre innumerevoli attrazioni, dallo splendore religioso di Notre Dame ed il Sacre Coeur alle meraviglie architettoniche della Torre Eiffel e le opere d'arte del Louvre e del Centro Pompidour, collezioni artistiche di prim'ordine e di fama Leggi il seguito

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