LSI Homestays in パリ

LSI Paris works with homestay hosts located in zones 1-2 and which are close to a metro station. Proximity to the school is one of the main criteria the school considers when choosing new homestay hosts. Ideally, the commute between the homestay and school should not exceed 35 minutes.

All our hosts offer comfortable homes in safe, residential areas. Most live in apartments but we do have a smaller number who live in houses with gardens (especially in zone 2). The profiles of our hosts are quite varied: different ages, single people or couples with or without children and / or pets.

Additional requirements for Homestay Hosts in Paris

  • Hosts must have Wi-Fi and allow free access to students
  • Hosts should contact the school by email whenever possible rather than by phone
  • Students should be given access to the kitchen in the evenings (within a sensible limit)



Homestay Host Application

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