Terms and Conditions for Online Programmes


Payment must be received in advance of lessons commencing. This applies to all online courses and course extensions. Students who have not paid or provided proof of payment will not be permitted to attend classes.

Deferral or reorganisation of start dates and lessons:

Course start dates can be moved for up to 8 weeks under the following conditions: 1) Notice must be given, in writing, at least 7 full days in advance. 2) Course start dates cannot be deferred for more than 8 weeks.

All course deferrals received less than 7 days in advance of the course start date will incur a charge of 2 weeks tuition fees. This fee will be deducted from the balance and the booked course will be shortened accordingly.

After three deferrals, the course will be cancelled with all fees to be retained by LSI.

Group lessons missed by the student cannot be taken at future dates and times.

Individual lessons can be rescheduled if you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged in full.

Suspending (pausing) online courses:

Online courses can be paused on the following basis.

Online courses of 1-4 weeks can have 1 pause for up to 2 weeks.

Online courses of 5-10 weeks can have 2 pauses for up to 2 weeks each.

Online courses for 11+ weeks can have 3 pauses for up to 2 weeks each.


Notice must be given in writing at least 7 full days in advance of the date you wish to pause the course.

Course Extensions:

Course extensions should normally be confirmed before 12.00PM on the last working day of the week before the extension begins. Extensions requested later will be charged a $25 late extension fee.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

All cancellations of online courses are subject to LSI's general Terms & Conditions, www.lsi.edu/terms, under REFUND POLICY, 3. 'Cancellation before the course start date' and 4. 'Termination Policy – Cancellation after the course has started'. Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, all online courses are administered by LSI Toronto and are subject to the cancellation policies for LSI Toronto.

Face to Face lessons in in LSI Schools

Any face to face lessons booked in conjunction with LSI online lessons will be considered as a separate contract and LSI’s standard terms and conditions will apply.

Use of 3rd Party Software and Internet Service providers

LSI cannot be held responsible for service issues related to internet connections or service outages from 3rd party providers. If there is disruption to an online class due to the teacher's internet connection, then LSI will endeavour to organise substitute lessons.

Recordings of lessons:

LSI may make recordings of lessons, retaining them for up to 14 days, for the purposes of quality assurance, student behaviour management, attendance verification and the safeguarding of students under 18 years old.

Enrolment schedule

In order to begin lessons on Monday morning, new students must have completed placement tests, including the speaking test, by the preceding Friday, 2pm Eastern time. If new students have not completed the placement test by Friday 2pm Eastern time, they can choose one of the following options:
A) Students can start classes on Tuesday and receive an extra day (Monday) at the end of their programme.
B) Students can postpone the course start date to the following week.

Office hours

Please note, our administrative working hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern time. Enquiries made outside of these hours may not be responded to immediately.

All other LSI Terms & Conditions apply: www.lsi.edu/terms

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