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Intensive English, English for Business, Exams & Specific Purposes English Classes Available Online 24 Hours a Day

What’s Included

  • 3.33-25 hours of teacher contact time per week
  • 4+ hours of self-study materials per week
  • Digital coursebooks
  • Private tutorials and academic support
  • LSI Learner Management System (e-LSI)
  • Personal study plan
  • Level completion certificate
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What’s Included image

Course Types

Intensive English-icon Intensive English

Intensive English

Available in online group classes

English for Business-icon English for Business

English for Business

Available in online group classes

Exam English-icon Exam English

Exam English

TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge B2 First & C1 Advanced available in online group classes

​English for Specific Purposes-icon ​English for Specific Purposes

​English for Specific Purposes

Medical English, Legal English, English for Teachers & Aviation English for private individuals and closed groups

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Set Your Objectives and Personalise Your Course

LSI has been teaching English programmes since 1965 and now has 14 different schools in 7 countries.

As educationalists, we have been committed to innovation in language acquisition for over 50 years, and so we’ve carefully developed the very best online English programme.

Not only is our programme tailored to your specific level and language skills, but to your motivations and lifestyle as well.

Set Your Objectives

As part of the enrolment and orientation process, you can define your specific learning objectives and our academic managers will then ensure that these objectives form the basis of your programme.

LSI Level Testing

Students are required to take LSI’s online English level test to help us place you into the right class. As well as a digital test online, students are given a speaking test as part of the enrolment and orientation process by an academic manager when we can further discuss your own language

Digital Materials

Accompanying their course, all LSI online English students receive digital materials from a number of leading publishers, as well as access to LSI's own supplementary materials

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Live Classes

Study and practice your English in a live class 24 hours a day

Our online English classes are available in small groups and private lessons, each tailored to your language level and objectives. There are several different timetables available, all taught by qualified and experienced LSI teachers.

Live group classes

Study English online in small group classes. Our online lessons have a maximum class size of 10 students but most lessons will have between 4-6 students.

Different programmes are available with between 2 and 15 sessions per week. Each session includes 100 minutes of teacher contact time.

Live private classes

Private one to one online English classes can be taken on any subject, following the general LSI curriculum orspecialised on your own area of interest and objectives. Online private classes can be taken in addition to your group classes or alternatively we can arrange stand-alone private lessons for individuals or custom closed groups.

LSI Teachers

All LSI teachers are qualified, experienced and native level English speakers. Our online teachers are based in many different English speaking countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.


LSI levels have been closely matched to the Common European Framework, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTS and University of Cambridge English examinations. To move up to the next LSI level you need to master our specific ‘level objectives’, which you would demonstrate by test scores and class participation.


You only know a few words and phrases.

  • IELTS 1
  • 4-6 weeks study



You can communicate using very simple grammar and vocabulary

  • IELTS 2-3
  • TOEFL iBT 0-8
  • TOEIC* L/R 120 - 224, S/W 80 - 159
  • A1
  • 4-6 weeks study


Lower Intermediate

You take part in conversations using basic grammar and vocabulary with acceptable accuracy.

  • IELTS 3-4
  • TOEFL iBT 9-56
  • TOEIC* L/R 225 - 549, S/W 160 - 239
  • A2
  • 8-12 weeks study



You have better control of grammar and vocabulary. Errors still frequent but good understanding of the language.

  • IELTS 4-5
  • TOEFL iBT 57-86
  • TOEIC* L/R 550 - 784, S/W 240 - 309
  • B1
  • 8-12 weeks study

Entry to vocational or academic preparation courses.

Upper Intermediate

You use a wide range of structures with a fair degree of accuracy.

  • IELTS 5-6.5
  • TOEFL iBT 87-109
  • TOEIC* L/R 785 - 944, S/W 310 - 399
  • B2
  • FCE Grade B&C
  • 8-12 weeks study

Entry to university degree and diploma courses, internships, or paid work in your host country.


You communicate very well using most structures accurately.

  • IELTS 6.5+
  • TOEFL iBT 110-120
  • TOEIC* L/R 945+, S/W 400+
  • C1 & C2
  • FCE Grade A
  • CAE
  • CPE
  • Progress varies

Entry to postgraduate degree courses or work in your host country.

Certified Results

Upon completion of each LSI level you’ll receive an LSI certificate which can be added easily to LinkedIn and can be used to demonstrate your English level to employers or universities.


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4.5 out of 5

I loved my time in LSI. Janine is really good teacher. And Paul is outstanding!! The best one! I'm pleasure!

Sthephane Tomani , London Central

Great teachers and staff, and excellent location!

Maikel Maciel Trennepohl , London Central

Una gran experiencia con profesores super calificados! Un lugar para vivir el frances.

Gina Celis , Paris

Great place to learn english. I'm from Brazil and I improved my english a lot, mainly with the teacher Billy

Tide Queiroz , London Central