Why study German on a study abroad programme?

Studying German could be that vital step towards a high flying career with a top international company. Siemens, Bayer, Bosch, SAP are just a few of the German companies who are household names across the globe. In the USA, German companies represent the third largest group of foreign employers and are associated with high salaries and good employee benefits. A command of German can actually boost your salary by an average of 4% in the US and by even more within Europe. And it’s not just the business sector. Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, technology, travel and tourism are all sectors where knowledge of German is advantageous.

When you choose to study German abroad, you’ll be learning the language both inside and outside the classroom. German study abroad programmes are the fastest, most natural way to learn a language; you’ll have a genuine purpose for using the language, be exposed to many different role models and situations, and crucially understand the language in its cultural context. Whilst opting to study German abroad will require you to adapt to new challenges, a study abroad programme will also be a great deal of fun. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and make incredible friendships into the bargain.

How long your study abroad programme lasts, depends on how much time you have to invest, your ultimate goals and your budget. We offer a wide variety of intensive and semi-intensive German study abroad programmes at our school in Zurich. Our experienced advisors can advise you on the best study abroad programme for you, so take the plunge, and get in touch.


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