Why study English on a study abroad programme?

Studying English on a study abroad programme is the quickest and most natural way to learn the language. You’ll be immersed in English with countless opportunities to use the language in everyday situations. When you study abroad, you will become familiar with different accents, colloquialisms and the popular culture. Studying abroad will mean pushing your own boundaries and confronting new challenges: foods, attitudes and traditions, even personalities, will all be different. Whether you choose to study abroad for just a few months or a year, you’ll return home with a better understanding of the language and culture, and a new confidence in your English language skills. Not only that, you’ll make lifelong friendships with other students on your English study abroad programme.

LSI offers English study abroad programmes in different English speaking countries around the world. Which country makes the best study abroad option for you depends on the type of English course you are looking for and the ultimate goal you have for learning English. Maybe you’re considering a course on Business English to help you land that plum job in a top international company, or you’re hoping to study at a university abroad. Whatever your goal, we can advise you on the best LSI English study abroad programme for you.

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Live and study in your private teacher's home. Language lessons and cultural excursions. Programmes available in 30 countries.
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