Taking a study abroad programme is an exciting experience for many students. Whether your motivation is to pursue a high-flying career in a top multinational company or simply communicating with the locals when on holiday, study abroad programmes are the quickest and most natural way to learn the target language. But the benefits don’t just stop there.

Best Language Learning Environment

When you learn a language on a study abroad programme, your language learning experience will be fully immersive, speeding up the process of language acquisition. You will be surrounded by the language with plenty of opportunities to interact with native level speakers, both inside and outside the classroom, and have a real purpose for communicating. As part of our study abroad programmes, students can participate in our social programme - a truly fun way to explore and develop your language skills all at the same time.

Life Enhancing

For many international students, a study abroad programme will be their first time living outside their home country for any significant period of time. Learning to adapt to new challenges in an unfamiliar environment, in many cases with little support from close family and friends, can be an exhilarating, if initially a daunting, experience. Study abroad programmes can help us to learn more about ourselves and our capabilities which extend far beyond the language skills we acquire.

Build Lasting Friendships

One of the major benefits of study abroad programmes are the lifelong friendships that develop. You’ll meet others from around the world, many from different cultures to your own. Facing the challenges of adapting to the host culture builds strong bonds, leading to friendships that continue long after the study abroad programme ends. Students often stay in contact, visiting each other in their own home countries.

Improved Career Prospects

Students who have studied abroad are often seen in a very favourable light by top employers. The language and life skills, the commitment to study, and the broadened cultural knowledge are often seen as great assets by employers, especially those working in different global markets. Studying abroad also allows you to explore the work or educational opportunities that are available in the host country.

Cultural Experience

For many students who enrol on study abroad programmes with LSI, it will be their first time of living outside their home country for an extended length of time. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the new culture, learn about the local customs and traditions, taste the cuisine and try out the popular entertainments. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover fresh interests and make new friends.

What are you waiting for?

We have a wide range of study abroad programmes to suit your needs. Discover which country offers the best study abroad option for you and then get in touch to plan your perfect study abroad experience now.

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