Why study French on a study abroad programme?

Despite the global dominance of English as the international language of business, French still takes second spot as the most popular foreign language to learn. With international bodies such as the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, and the European Union adopting French as either an official or working language, studying French can open up exciting job opportunities. Whilst French is relatively easy to learn, pronunciation can often be a stumbling block. A French study abroad programme is the best solution, providing plenty of opportunities to practice those tricky vowel sounds and improve your fluency. Whether you choose to study abroad for a few months or a year, you’ll have daily exposure to the language and culture. Your French will improve rapidly, you’ll have a deeper understanding of French people and culture, and you’ll make long-lasting friendships with fellow students on your study abroad programme.

Study abroad doesn’t have to be an expensive option either. At our language school in Paris we offer part-time, evening or full-time French study abroad programmes so you can select the best option for your budget. Some international students can benefit from work rights, perfect for helping to fund your study abroad experience. And if at the end of your French study abroad programme with LSI you wish to go onto a French college or university, our university counsellors will advise you on the application process and course options.

Come and join us on a French study abroad programme and start the experience of a lifetime.


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