English for Pilots

This course covers all the ground theory required to gain a private or commercial pilot's licence. Practical flying sessions can also be arranged with a partner flying school at extra cost.

  • General 20 plus 5 or 10 individual lessons per week*
  • Course length: 4 weeks (20+10)* / 8 weeks (20 +5)*
  • Intermediate to advanced levels
  • ICAO compliant
  • Students can join every Monday

Subjects covered: Aviation law, Licensing for Flight/Radio/Telephone Operators, Human Factors, Navigation, Meteorology and Aircraft Technology.

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Auckland only

English for Nursing

This course is ideal for students who wish to study for a Bachelor of Nursing degree, or for students interested in English for Health Professionals.

  • 30 lessons per week for 2-24 weeks
  • Intermediate to Advanced levels
  • General English (20 lessons), IELTS preparation (8 lessons) and Nursing English (2 lessons)

Nursing English modules include: Language of the Hospitals, the Healthcare System, Health and Disease, Medical and Anatomical Terminology, Patient Assessment, Diet, Elderly Care, Alternative Treatments, and Medication.

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Auckland only

English for Teaching

Aimed at speakers of other languages, this course equips students with the basic tools required to teach English as a Foreign language.

Option 1 : Closed Group Tuition

  • Afternoon option on an LSI Intensive 30 course3 modules taken over 4 weeks
  • Intermediate to advanced levels
  • Minimum class size : check with school
  • TKT* (Teaching Knowlegde test) exam preparation offered covering 3 TKT modules over 4 weeks

Option 2 : For Individuals

  • General 20 (16.7 hours) plus 5 or 10 individual lessons per week
  • Individual lesson: 45 minutes (in the USA 50 minutes)
  • Intermediate to advanced levels
  • Tailored to the individual
  • Ages 16+

Topics covered: CLIL, Language analysis, lesson planning, teaching the skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, classroom activities, using resources and materials, looking at learner's needs; dealing with learner's mistakes.

TKT Modules covered: Language and Background to Language Learning and Teaching, Lesson Planning and Use of Resources for Language Teaching, Managing the Teaching and Learning Process. Students will be required to keep a portfolio.

Students will be required to keep a portfolio. For more information read our English for teaching information sheet.

Language Centre

LSI Auckland, Cambridge, London Hampstead and all USA schools.

* TKT test not available in New York