The cradle of Western civilisation, Rome's history stretches back over 2,500 years. Ancient and modern, past and present sit side by side in the "Eternal City" - from the ruins of the Colisseum to the artistic treasures of the Vatican Museums to its status as one of Europe's most important centres of fashion, media and industry, Rome is a simply breathtaking destination and an ideal place in which to learn Italian in Italy.

Our LSI partner school occupies a fantastically central location on one of the city's most important commerical streets, just five minutes from St. Peter's Church and just a few minutes from Ottaviano and Lepanto metro stations. The language school features 12 classrooms all fully equipped with audiovisual facilities which we use extensively in our Italian courses, a computer room with free internet, a video library and a student lounge.

LSI Rome oragnises a full and varied social programme designed to help students make the most of their time in Rome while making new friends and practising their Italian. Excursions include galleries, archaeological sites, and of course traditional Italian restaurants