Keeping Our Students & Staff Safe - LSI's Response to COVID-19

Dear Students and Partners,

Our first priority at LSI is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. LSI schools have been working tirelessly in response to the growing challenges we all face from the pandemic and we’d like to inform you about key changes now in effect. For the latest information, please read below.

The situation is being reviewed constantly and any substantive changes will be posted. Please don’t hesitate to contact LSI schools or your LSI representatives if you have any questions at all.

LSI Schools Reopening Schedule

LSI Vancouver: Open

LSI Auckland: Open

LSI Brisbane: Open

LSI Paris: Open

LSI Zurich: Open

LSI Toronto: Scheduled to reopen August 31

LSI London Central: Scheduled to reopen September 01

LSI Brighton: Scheduled to reopen September 01

LSI Cambridge: Scheduled to reopen September 01

LSI New York: Scheduled to reopen August 31

LSI San Diego: Scheduled to reopen August 31

LSI SF Berkeley: Scheduled to reopen September 28

LSI Boston: Scheduled to reopen September 28

LSI London Hampstead: Reopening date to be announced  

LSI COVID-19 Charter - LSI Schools Operating Subject to Social Distancing & Public Health Guidelines


Policies, Procedures & Infrastructure in Place



  • Social distancing & cleaning policies & procedures in line with local government advice in place in every school
  • Social distancing policies & procedures in place for all accommodation providers
  • All administrative & academic staff trained on latest school policies
  • Physical infrastructure in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including ventilation & partitions where appropriate 
  • Suitable self-isolation area & programme in place in school and at every accommodation for students who feel unwell or show symptoms &/or test positive
  • Students & staff asked to declare symptoms, or contact with symptomatic individuals or self-isolating individuals before arrival and regularly during their stay
  • Students & staff asked to disclose any relevant medical conditions
  • Students and staff who are at greater risk of getting a severe illness from COVID-19 due to an underlying medical condition, those who are pregnant, and those who are over 70, encouraged to work & study remotely if possible
  • Contact Tracing information: multiple overlapping systems to support contact tracing including sign-in/sign-out sheets & class registers
  • Policy in place for students & staff testing positive for COVID-19
  • All schools to maintain multiple modes of communication with all students & staff 


Student Travel


  • Written information on arrival procedures at the selected airport, transfer, accommodation & school buildings provided to student prior to departure
  • Students provided with official letter confirming arrangements to be presented upon arrival in the country, including 24hr emergency contact
  • Airport transfer driver to follow appropriate social distancing guidelines including face coverings




  • LSI homestay hosts given clear guidance on social distancing & cleaning policies & procedures
  • LSI hosts asked to declare symptoms, or contact with symptomatic individuals or self-isolating individuals before student arrival and regularly during their stay
  • All hosts have agreed to allow students to self-isolate in their property if required
  • Hosts provided with guidance on isolating with students if anyone in the household displays symptoms
  • Students only placed into residential accommodation when there is a clear policy on social distancing 
  • Backup or emergency accommodation that meets social distancing guidelines is also available


In School


  • Social distancing policies clearly explained to students & staff in detailed induction
  • Notices of all current procedures clearly displayed in school common areas and are available upon request
  • Students and staff to remain at home if they are sick, have any COVID-19 symptoms, are in isolation, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results. Students & staff to not come into the school or have contact with other students & staff for 14 days if they have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone tested positive.
  • Students required to stay out of the school building will have access to the same number of teacher contact hours online in our virtual classrooms – this includes any required quarantine period upon arrival. 
  • Appropriate social distancing in the school subject to local guidelines –maximum numbers set per room, per floor and on site concurrently, as well as staggered class times, break times and opening times.
  • Physical distancing – Each student to keep a distance from one another in each classroom of between 1M+ & 2M+ (based on current local government advice). This distance to be maintained in all other school spaces
  • Recommended distances to maintain delineated in common spaces with floor markings
  • All rooms to be well ventilated 
  • All students & staff to have their temperature taken if feeling unwell or displaying other symptoms. All LSI schools have the capacity to take everyone’s temperature upon arrival into the school building if advised by local government
  • Subject to local guidelines, students & staff encouraged to wear face masks or visas and a supply is available in the school upon request
  • Hand sanitiser available at the entry to classrooms, and students and staff should ensure they are regularly washing and drying their hands. 
  • Common surfaces cleaned 2x daily 


Social & Cultural Programme


  • All LSI schools to maintain an active social & cultural programme subject to social distancing guidelines. Activities to be limited in numbers & organised in ‘bubbles’ based on limiting social contact beyond the academic programme; activities to be arranged by class &/or by floor.

Online & Hybrid Programes

LSI is now operating online English campuses in several different timezones; the UK (GMT), the NA East Coast (ET), the NA West Coast (PST), and New Zealand (NZDT). Our online English campuses will be continuing indefinitely and will run alongside our regular face to face programmes, giving our in-school students the opportunity to study online in advance of their course abroad, and upon return to their home country. 

All our schools will be providing the regular number of teacher contact hours, but may provide a hybrid programme of face to face and online classes in order to maintain local social distancing guidelines. For more information please contact us or your local representative. 


Welcome Back Promotional Fees

Free online lessons when you book future face to face classes in any LSI school - For every 2 weeks of face to face classes booked now, students receive 1 free week of online classes. For more details please see:

In addition, LSI school are offering special 'welcome back' promotional fees. For more information, contact us or your local representative. 


Special Terms & Conditions 

Due to the increased uncertainty surrounding international travel, we have prepared the following special Terms & Conditions

1. New bookings.
We are accepting new bookings for face to face classes in all schools (with the exception of London Hampstead) from the announced reopening dates above. Prospective students can also start their studies now online and continue in the school later using our LSI Passport programme. For more details, please visit:

For all new bookings for face to face classes made until September 30students can cancel up to 7 days in advance with no cancellation fees.*

2. Postponements
Students are welcome to postpone courses without incurring any penalty charges.**

Courses must start by Dec 31, 2021.***

3. Credit transfers
Students can also transfer their unused face to face programme weeks to family members. 

Unused programme weeks can be used at any LSI school worldwide.**

Courses must start by Dec 31, 2021.

4. Cancellations 
Cancellations for existing bookings are subject to LSI’s regular Terms & Conditions: 

Bookings made with special promotional prices are subject to promotional Terms & Conditions.  


*Please note, costs already incurred by LSI, such as courier fees or other third party fees will not be refundable. 

**Accommodation and other third party fees may be subject to additional charges

***Bookings made using the Black Friday promotion must start by January 25,  2021.

All other terms & Conditions apply: