Multicentre language programme

Multicentre courses are perfect for students wishing to combine language studies with international travel.

Providing students with the opportunity to study their selected ISY course at two or more LSI centres, the Multicentre Course can enrich the learning experience by allowing a deeper insight into one culture or, if choosing centres in different countries, the opportunity to compare different cultures.

  • Available in the UK*, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia
  • Student chooses number of weeks at each location
  • Progress records transferred between the selected centres

This unique opportunity will allow you to learn and live the language locally while travelling the world at the same time.

Sample Multicentre Courses

COURSE: Intensive 30 DURATION: 10 weeks
School Weeks
London Hampstead, UK 6
Brighton, UK 4
COURSE: General 20 DURATION: 20 weeks
School Weeks
Berkeley/San Francisco, USA 12
Toronto, Canada 8
School Weeks
Brisbane, Australia 12
New York, USA 12
London Central, UK 12
* Available to students with a Short Term Student Visa and EU nationals only

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