Application Process

  1. Complete our free online test of English:
  2. Complete our pre-study evaluation form: click on the link to complete online or download
  3. Contact one of our local representatives or LSI Pathways counsellor to discuss your goals. After submitting a pre-study evaluation form, an LSI Pathways counsellor will be in touch with you to discuss your options and the application process.
  4. Complete an LSI enrolment form and register on a Pathways programme
  5. Email a copy of your high school &/or university transcripts to your LSI Pathways counsellor

Admission Requirements

Students need to complete LSI’s preliminary tests of English, submit a pre-study evaluation form and submit copies of their high school &/or university transcripts.

Language level requirements

LSI’s Pathways programme is designed for students who need to meet language requirements to enter an English or French-speaking university, college or further education programme, or simply wish to expand their ability to use the language in an academic setting. The Pathways programme is appropriate for students who have at minimum language level sufficient to study in LSI’s Intermediate level. Students who have not yet reached the minimum language level to start the Pathways programme may join the general language programme until they reach the necessary level. This is an excellent way to reach your goals as quickly as possible from a lower starting point.

Programme entry requirements for preferred university and college programmes vary, but students may register at LSI with any level of English or French.

LSI Progress Chart

Course lengths will depend on the student's language level at entry and the specific requirements of the chosen college or university. In general, students going to LSI partner institutions that accept LSI levels in place of an external language test must complete LSI's Upper-Intermediate level and graduate into the Advanced level. If students do not reach the required level by the end of their course at LSI, they are able to extend.

LSI Levels & Their Exam Equivalency Chart

LSI Levels & Their Exam Equivalency Chart


Program varies in different countries. Select a country below for more details.

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