Common Phrases And Idioms

An idiom is an expression that has a non-literal meaning. This kind of language is called figurative (the opposite of literal). You will probably not understand what an idiom means unless you look it up or ask someone.

Break a leg
Meaning: This is a way to wish someone good luck before they give a performance. It's easy to use because you only have to say Break a leg!

Go cold turkey
Meaning: To suddenly stop an addictive habit (rather than slowly reducing it).
Example: Person A: How did you manage to stop smoking?
Person B: I just went cold turkey!

Ring a bell
Meaning: To sound familiar, remind you of someone or something.
Example: Person A: Do you know my friend Octavia?
Person B: The name rings a bell, but I don't know id I've ever met her.

Pay/cost an arm and a leg
Meaning: To pay/cost a very high price.
Example: These front row tickets cost me an arm and a leg.

Couch potato
Meaning: A person who spends a lot of time sitting on the couch, usually watching TV.
Example: I've been a couch potato for too long! I need to start workung out again.

Have a sweet tooth Meaning: To like sweet foods.
Example:I really should cut down on the sugar, but I have a major sweet tooth!

Once in a blue moon
Meaning: Very rarely.
Example: This kind of opportunity happens once in a blue moon –you should take it!

Go with the flow
Meaning: To go along with whaterver is happening without trying to change things.
Example: I don't like to follow an itinerary when I travel. I just go with the flow

Tip of the iceberg
Meaning: The small part of an issue (usually a problem) that you can see, excluding the bigger hidden part.
Example: I'm afraid the arguments we're having about money are just the tip of the iceberg.

Break the ice
Meaning: To make people feel comfortable by getting a conversation started.
Example: The meeting was kind og awkward at forst because most peolple didn't know each other, so we broke the ice with a little game.

In a heartbeat
Meaning: Without hesitation. This idiom usually occurs in the conditional as would do... in a heartbeat.

Hit the nail on the head
Meaning:To get something exactly right, to have exactly the right answer.
Example: Person A: I think our main problem is marketing.
Person B: You hit the nail on the head. We need to update our advertising strategies.

Bend over backwards (for someone)
Meaning to make too much effort to please someone. This idion usually has a negative meaning. The speaker is expressing frustration about another person whose expectations are too high.
Example: I'm tired of bending over backwards for my friend. She never thanks me!

Give the shirt off your back
Meaning: To do anything to help someone. This idiom has a positive meaning. If you would give the shirt off tour back, it means you would happily give anything you have to help someone.This idiom usually occurs in the conditiona as would give the shirt...
Example: Carl is such a selfless person. He would give you the shirt off his backin a heartbeat.

Speak of the devil
Meaning: This idiom comes deom the superstition that if you speak avout the devil, he will appear. But in common conversation, it has nothing to do with religion. If you are talkbing about someone and that person appears (walks into the room), you can say Speak of the devil! But be careful, because that person will probablu ask what you were saying about him or her!

Not my cup of tea
Meaning: Not my preference.
Example: My parents invited me to go on a cruise with them, but it's not my cup of tea.

In a nutshell
Meaning> To sum up or explainbriefly.
Example: It's a long story, but to pout it in a nutshell, we decided to get a divorce.

hold your horses
Meaning:Be patient. This idiom is easy to use. If someone is being impatient, you can say Hold your horses!

Get something off your chest
Meaning: To express something that has been bothering you.
Example:Thanks for listening to my concerns about worok. I feel better now that i got that off my chest.

Burn Bridges
Meaning: To permanently end a relationship with a person or organization.
Example: I think I burned bridges when Iquit my job. I shouldn't have yelled at my boss!